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Version 3.5.1 (Build 030716)
Beta update:

Build 030716
  • Added mass research on Smith. You need to have the Smith at level 15 minimum.
  • Added the option to change villages per page, in Settings->Account settings. By default is 50 per page.
  • bugs fixed..

I'll keep this opened, for further announcements and comments.
Build 070716

  • Fixed some javascript issues.
  • Added "no-refresh" build system. To remove the pain of refreshing page on each build.
  • Map was optimised. It will refresh much faster.
  • We have improved the "HotKey" system.
  • - Now you can access the links in the quick bar, by pressing the numbers from 1 to 6- Village overview, and map are on v respectively m.- Next and previous village are on a and d.

  • Added a new tooltip message.
The build will be available on beta, today, 07.07.2016.
Beta update:

Build 180716
  • Fixed on all browsers the building menu.
  • Added 2 cache sistems, for improved performance overall.
  • 50% map optimised.

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