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Add animation to Tribe when some1 post in forum just like this:
[Image: 9o0W3uQ.png]

I think that something like this would be great
That takes time to do and we all have our lifes :) what i'm trying to say is that Savage has a lot of things to do (personal stuff, as we all have) and developing/programming can be really tricky and complicated. For what i've seen in the past few months he is alone/ almost alone doing this and i think that that animation can stay back for some time :p
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yeah, you're right :/
We have to be patience, new features take lots of time to think, create and test :)

(btw, xiko if you can, please check your inbox)

Edit: if you check this post Savage edited the game today
For the moment I'm focusing on bigger updates and fixes. Also the tribe forum is junk, and I don't really want to develop further on it. But at some point I would have to.

3 major things are important:

  1. Attack simulation, so it can be done right, with normal casualities.
  2. Sistem restart timed.
  3. Account security, and others.
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[Image: YSA7rX9.png]

This is fun xd.
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