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Version 4.1
Update is live on all worlds.

Changes since 4.1:

  1. Fixed a bug where you couldn't see marked players on the minimap.
  2. Fixed a bug where you couldn't reserve a village directly on map.
  3. Added some extra decorations on map. They are not perfect, but it's more pleasant to the eye.
  4. Fixed a bug on Farm bonus villages, where you couldn't use mass recruit.
  5. Fixed and added more BBCodes to the bar. Now you can add units, and colors.
  6. Added a ticket system.
  7. Fixed a bug in "Username Change" where you couldn't use special chars even spaces. Now the allowed chars are Alphanumerical ones, and *spaces* , /, -, #, @, $, %, (, ), &, |, ?
  8. Fixed some issues with mass minting coins, where it took forever to load.
  9. We added barbarian village auto growing and we are testing it before deploying to live server.
  10. Fixed the bug where your units dissapear after you noble yourself.
  11. Fixed the calculation of attacks. No more "Fake attacks"
  12. Fixed visual style of the villages, where 10.000+ points, had the image of a 11000+ points
  13. Spies now can actually spy. You can see units.
  14. Tweaked the premium window.
  15. Fixed rankings.
  16. Added group editing in villages overview.
  17. Fixed morale calculation.
  18. Added Mails per page, Villages per page and Reports per page in settings area.
  19. Added links to your account administration.

If any bugs found, that are not in the list, post here: http://forum.infernal-wars.com/showthread.php?tid=374
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We didn't launch this update on weekend, due to a major flaw that requires testing. And also we tought that since we didn't release, to implement our beloved "Castle". And also "Castle Wars".

Stay tuned for more!

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