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Roadmap to v5.0
Since our latest release, I worked on the new version 5.0. This will fix all major problems of the server. I hoped that it could be released this weekend, but the road ahead is long and difficult.

I will update the list here, as we hit some roadmap points.
I will try my best to keep this project alive and updated. I will find at some point 2 players, that love this game, to be admins, and handle all the ticketing and reporting to me.

Version 5.0 includes and ToDO's:
  • [Improvement] Builds are calculated correctly, no more overdue.
  • [ToDO] Units dissapearing are a matter of the past.
  • [ToDO] Improved attack system.
  • [Improvement] Better performance overall.
  • [Planned] New graphic layout.

A note, if you are willing to keep the project alive with money, check my signature for information. You will be rewarded for your contribution!
Thank you for supporting us, and have a nice day!
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