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Version 2.9
  1. Fixed some build issues.
  2. Added alerts on premium window.
  3. Fixed some rank issues.
  4. Fixed language changer.
  5. Fixed image resizer on forums.
  6. Added new categories for each World.
  7. Prepared the core for the big update. on 1.1.2016
  8. Improved external forum.
  9. Fixed sleeping mode.
  10. Fixed archers issue in battle.
  11. Added password recovery option.
  12. Started a beta world.
  13. Added Hall of fame.
  14. Added guest login for every world. ( http://infernal-wars.com/?screen=guest )
  15. Added bbcodes to tribe description and personal profile.
  16. Added Barbarian villages grow (Only on Beta)
  17. Fixed internal forum, now it works at least ok.

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