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Version 4.0
Version 4.0 Build 20170115!

Changes so far:
  • Added possibility to see units and travel time on map popup.
  • (Premium) Added username change with gold bars
  • (Premium) Added posibility to add more sleep mode hours
  • (Premium) Improved Research all function
  • Archers are no longer invincible.
  • Fixed the distance calculation.
  • Improved Database responses.
  • Optimized event system.
  • Added the posibility to build a warehouse that is at 0.
  • Added statue, with paladin and items.
  • Fixed Mass recruit option. Now it returns just one error.
  • Fixed Mass renaming of the villages.
  • Added few links in the footer bar. 
  • Fixed issue with the sleep mode.
  • Fixed issue with starting over.
  • Fixed issue with withdrawing an invitation
  • Fixed many other bugs.

I will keep this topic for discussions, and error reporting regarding Version 4.0

Every player that reports fairly good amount of issues, they get rewarded with gold bars, as soon as they are confirmed and fixed.
It's good version.

When be new version ?
As soon as I finish all the new features. Maybe at the end of the week, maybe in 2 weeks. I do not know yet.
you betray what will be new?
It will be a surprise :).
Why this village with 10k points looks like a village with 11k points?
[Image: yFAwLvZ.png]

This happened after I sent an attack. After my troops went back this shown up.
[Image: ndcrqve.png]
That is a visual bug, I will fix.

Regarding the attacks, I'll check.
"None of your troops have returned", except 500 spies =) They successfully spied the resources, buildings level and outside units, this shouldn't happen.
Suggestion: Could you add a support ticket system?
[Image: hOPFVTa.png]
Already fixed the issue in the next update.

At the next update, we will add a ticketing system.
#  10% more population does't work
#  when I noble myself (nobling someone) tropps are lost
Bonus village works perfect. I just tested it.

Second issue, be more specific please.
when I noble someone with 4 attack someone , many times 3 are sufficient so with the last attack I nobling myself... in this case my troops are destroyed, but I can not recruit again because in the farm they are calculated as if there were.
look at this village please 494|473
What world?
Beta v4.0
I have sended you a message on Beta :)

When you get out of sleep mode, send me those pictures.

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