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Poll: Would you like a point ratio limit? (20:1)
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6 85.71%
1 14.29%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Huge Player Spoil the fun
Hey i have some Question about the BETA Server, 
Actually I wanted to donate to the server some euros, because i love the "speed" concept.
But there ist one point who is really annoying, as beginner you cant be big, because the huge player are suppress you all the time. I dont mean player with 500k-2 million points rather the player with <5 million points+. The points difference is too big to resist, you have no chance if a huge player attack you. Maybe the team can install a function that people who have more than ... points only attack people who have the same points (+1/2/3 million points) or people who is inactive ..
Hello xClown,

We had a limit installed (when you had more than 20:1 ratio of points) you couldn't attack. But every player just wasn't happy with it. If you have a better idea, please PM me here on forum. :D
I'm agreeing with that :D
i agree with this statement should be same on all worlds or like in real tw where morale weakens the attack when against small players
Agree... especially in WAR-ZONE where it takes too long time to recruit army
about this you can not reduce the recruitment time?
We reduced it once, for half of it's original value.
i agree a point ratio limit, because player who are start a new world have á besser chance to surival


and a another example people who have 10 million points can attack people with 500k points
so maybe their can get a lower moral As before
Like this ?

Ahahahah poor little bully !

[Image: R6WuOZ.jpg]
[Image: jXwNQl.jpg]
[Image: wAgart.jpg]
how do they get so many troops in there villages
Is on warzone. Where the farm is 10.000.000 spaces.
I can not be blamed by this lady because I'm a professional player.
I agree with the ratio limit anyway.
Professional player... ohhh please !
You are only ill-mannered, ill-bred, self-centered, obnoxious and inconsiderate person

Take a look how he is professional :
Sara on 04.02 at 23:10
I'm little but not idiot

Relax on 04.02 at 23:11
You are an idiot :)

Sara on 04.02 at 23:14
gentleman as always...

Relax on 05.02 at 01:03
I m gonna stick my big black **** in your mother deads relatives.


The Truth hurts ... 
Even on quotes, you must preserve language!!
is there some kind of morale already as i attacked a weaker player and lost alot more troops than usual

[Image: game.php?village=1390&screen=report&mode=all&view=62815]
Use imgur.com for screenshots.

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