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THE PLAYER nittefyes use 2 accounts to play in word beta.he use ''[b]nittefyes'' and ''
[b]NeDoMe26'' pls check this problem,and 1 more problem we have in this word,a lot of players told me about this player when he atack them he have a lot of trups i think is a bug,he atack with 200k archers from 1 village,fix the problems pls...THANK YOU
The Infernal Wars staff invites you to use the ticket system in play for any type of problem concerning the game, the forum is not a support but an information system.

[Image: e5481f15f6bc131d5a46f04a3c4d5735.png]

No request for help whatsoever will be picked up here.

Thank you for your understanding.

[Image: IW-team.png]

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