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Rental of Speeds Rounds

Welcome to the rounds speeds booking form !

Here you will have the possibility to choose all your settings for the round that will be reserved for you. A password will be generated for the round and will be sent to you via discord or in game, which is why you must enter your exact nickname in order to validate your speed rental request and receive the password of the round. If the nickname you entered is not correctly written, the round will not be programmed.

The player making the rental must have the amount of gold points needed to pay the round on his account. If the player does not have the required amount on his account, the round will not be scheduled. As a reminder, the price is 250 gold coins / hour and can not be changed.

Fields in a red box are required. If they are not filled or not filled correctly, the round will not be scheduled.
All other settings (black boxes) are optional. If they are not filled or not filled in correctly, the default settings will be programmed instead.

If you want to book a round that requires the presence of a Speed Admin at the beginning of the round for its special setting, you will have to explain in detail the settings you want via ticket (by creating a right after making your rental request ) or via Discord to "Lord DciBelia". As a reminder, the different possibilities are as follows: 

- A large number of villages can be given from the start to the players provided that the number of players on the round is not too high.
- The villages can be filled with troops manually to respect a certain model of troops.

- The world can be normal or with Castle.
- Game speeds and units are adaptable to make the round less "speed" and closer to a normal world, ideal for a settlement of account between players of slow worlds.

The premium account is offered to the players for each round, so you will not have to pay more premium points that will cost you rent to benefit. Speed Admin must be present to make special settings and give players the free premium account. The round can only take place if the Speed Admin is present at the beginning of the round.

The duration of the round must be between 1h and 72h, any rental request does not meet this criterion will not be programmed.
Speed Admins reserve the right to cancel a round at any time for any reason.
In order to maintain a certain continuity in the speed rounds available to all players, Speed Admins have the right to refuse a rental speed, speed rentals should not interfere too much on normal speeds and accessible to all.

Speed rental requests without the presence of an Admin must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
Speed rental requests with the presence of an Admin must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
The limit of players per round is 100, beyond if the players want to sign up they will have to have a premium account.
The world speed rules also apply to these rounds. Any violation of the rules will be penalized.

The Infernal Wars Team thanks you in advance, and wishes you a good game !

Please do not spam the form, you can also fill it directly: HERE

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