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(24-03-2016, 21:36)Savage Wrote: I am thinking about that. Probably we will have worlds with winning conditions.

Well, that'd be awesome!

Please make it happen!

Also, will we >please< get a new world for the next update?

Just look at the worlds, no newbie hast a chance. World 2.. nearly everyone is in the same tribe lol
would be cool to have a 26p starting world with winning conditions but no time limit like 48 hours just only winining conditions
hy, a question: can be made some groups to each world?
puf go to the village you will see an arrow right by the village coordinates should look like this


there is a little small arrow at the end, you click on that to make groups then right below your troops in the Village outerview menu yu can edit and put them in groups.
I am kinda new here. Played a few rounds here, but what I have to say, is more a request. This game really needs a way to send nobles after each other.
I call it a 'noble train', which send 4 nobles, like I said above this sentence, after each other with like 1 sec. between them.

I could make some screenshots of it if you want to.

Hi, all.
I need help, my account was hacked!
Please, help me!

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