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Hey Everyone!

I was wondering why this forum is so boring, and I came up with many ideas.

Let's start by introduce ourselves in this topic.

So, starting by me, I'm Miguel, from Portugal (that small country in the west europe with beach almost everywhere, yeah). I'm 17 years old, and I am, as you can understand by my avatar pic, a great fan of music, old music, old rock and blues. I'm a guitarist so you see... I don't like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. Sorry :/
Hi Miguel,

My name is Iulian, I am 22 years old.
I love electronics, and everything that curent flows into :)).. My second passion is programming, and developing stuff.
I am more a Rap/Hip-Hop guy :D :)).

My name is Francisco I'm almost 17 :3... I'm from Portugal.
I love sports and video games... I'm a big fan of airsoft too.

Nice to meet you guys :D

you can call me Ene or Rin :D

I'm from Germany and im into Video games, tech, programming and metal/pagan metal.

@xiko22, I'm into Airsoft too! :D

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