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Preparing update 3.0
I am working to finish and release the new update 3.0.

I have added a new session manager, and performance improvements.
Will add more features as soon as i do a stable version.

Stay tuned for news :D
Good news, thanks for letting us now!
Nice thanks man :) ur doing great work :)
So, next thing..

I checked and updated the barbarians growth.
Implemented gold bars.
[Image: TKucWdZ.png]

Fixed some things here and there.

Now going to sleep. this weekend you shall have version 3.0. Maybe with a surprise :3... But maybe. Depends on how smooth it works for me.
This weekend already? I am hyped!
keep up the good work man if you need a dutch translator im your man
Latest update:

1. Added v and m hotkeys.
2. Fixed barbarians popup on map.
3. Added and tested medals.
4. Added continent ranking
5. Fixed barbarian growing.
6. Implemented Gold Bars.
7. Optimised code.

Tomorrow(sunday) the servers will be offline, for upgrade. I will announce an hour.

Also, a new world will come.
(27-03-2016, 16:34)Chupy Wrote: Can you make it a faster world 100x or a speed world? That would be cool!

Do you mean the new updates? Those will, if im right, apply to all worlds.

For the sake of speed, look out for the new world, it may has settings you'd be interested in.
Update to v3.0 is in progress. The forum will stay alive till the update is finished.
We had some issues, but now are fixed.

Some final checkups, and new world opening. Then we start :D.

By the way, Speed durations have been changed.

Speed 1 = 20 days
Speed 2 = 10 days
Speed 3 = 5 days
nice updates thanks
Implemented a patch. And needed a restart. Beta is a no prize world. I restart it without notice :)
We wanted to cover all types of players. New worlds won't come in the near future, but we will try to optimise playing on actual ones.

And about beta, that is the purpouse of a beta world, testing. And sometimes involves a complete reboot to test the new feature.
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