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Full settings list - Some are maybe still in developement
Please note, that some of the settings are still in developement!

Speed: x70
Sleepmode (not a must): 24 hours all 3 days (so you can go 24 hours sleep mode every 3 days.)
Protection: 2 days, unless you cancel it.
Win condition: 1 tribe needs to have 70% of ALL villages in that world.
Win condition starts after 150 days! (So no matter if a tribe has 70% before 150, they dont win.)
Barbarian villages: Many
Barbarian growth: Till 3600 points
Bonus villages: Yes
Tribe Limit: 4 players
Morale: Yes
(If possible): Attack limit of 20:1 until the defenders account is 1 month old.
Night bonus: Yes (going from romania time)
Start: HQ1, ressources 12, rest 0

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