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hey savage, i found a bug with the sleep mode i activated it once and now i cant activate it anymore please fix that because i dont want to get attacked when i am sleeping..

anopther bug i wanted to noble a village i killed 600 of my own axemans and it is gone but they are in the village say the game..
The sleep mode is not reusable. Once you finish your sleep hours, you cannot activate it anymore. Use it whisely next time.

And about the next issue, we will look into that.
Okay thats a little bid dumb.. because on the speed of 10 it may be a little bid longer..
Sometimes on World 8 if you start a little late you dont get any barbs to grow on, and most of the players are still in BP, and sometimes it doesn't show whether the players in bp or not till you try to attack. Please Fix.

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