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ANNONCE Rental of Speeds Rounds
Dear players,

Today we are pleased to announce the establishment of speed round rentals!

What exactly is this?
It's very simple, you will now have the opportunity to book your own speeds in exchange for gold coins, just for you and the players with whom you want to share!

To do so, simply fill out the form at the following address: HERE

Once your chosen settings and the form sent, the Speeds Admins will study your rental request and contact you on the discord server or in game if it is validated to give you the password of the round.

The price is 250 gold coins/hour. A round of 4 hours will cost you 1 gold bars, the currency will be directly deducted from the account of the player who made the rental request.
The duration of the rounds must be between 1h and 72h.
The rules also apply to these rounds, any infraction will be sanctioned.

All modalities and instructions are on the link above. We remain however available for any questions or information whether in MP, ticket or via Discord.

Several dozens of fully improved villages can be attributed to the players from the start.
The villages can be filled with troops manually.

Speed rentals will be set up on the Speed server, so any rental request may be denied by the Speeds Admins to maintain a certain level of speed in all players.

The premium account is offered for these speeds, so you will not have to shell out more than you will rent.

We wish you a very good entertainment on the game and do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt or question and to give your feelings on the subject of comments.
[Image: IW-team.png]

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